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We may understand that we need protein for our muscles, carbohydrates for energy, fat because bacon is delicious or a multi-vitamin to supplement what our bodies may lack but there may be three health supplements that could help you; feel better, recover better, and perform optimally.


Probiotics are live cultures or “good bacteria” that is needed for gut health. Supplementing probiotics may help; boost your immune system, combat fatique, and improve digestive health.

The immune system plays a vital role in keeping us healthy and helps our bodies fight infection, taking probiotics can help our bodies stay in the game if the athletes are sick.

If you want to perform optimally, probiotics, fiber, and greens just may be what you need.


Fiber is found mainly in vegetables but can be taken as a supplement as well. Fiber helps to normalize bowel movements, aids in controlling blood sugar, can lower cholesterol and keep you full longer so you’re less prone to make poor food choices.


In the form of dark leafy vegetables (Spinach, Spring mixes, Chlorella, Spiruluna, Power Green blends and What the Kale!?! Etc…) serve as an aid to rid your body of possible toxins and provide vitamins straight from the source. If you find it difficult to eat greens, you can simply blend greens into your protein shake. Another way to add greens to your diet is to supplement; Opti-Greens 50 (1stPhorm) and Green Superfood (Amazing Grass) offer an alternative way to get greens into your diet.

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