Let’s go with the aforementioned statement being true and apply that to exercise as well.

And we’ll use the example of 4 hours of working out in a week, keeps the doctor away.


1 apple daily for 30 days (Month) = Health


Oh Shit, “it’s 29 days in, I need to eat 30 apples by tomorrow to get healthy.”

Apply this to exercise

Monday – “Killed that workout for 2 hours.”

Tuesday – Justifies not working out because you killed it yesterday.

Wednesday – Sore and tired.

Thursday – “Gotta get ready for the weekend, so I have to murder my legs and do cardio for 2 hours.”

End goal = Worked out for 4 hours. So, technically accumulated 4 hours of total exercise that week.

Eating 30 apples by the end of the month won’t do much good and working out 4 hours by the end of the week just won’t cut it.

Better Approach

Spread the 4 hours throughout the week and/or day.
Accumulate fitness throughout the day and not just work out at the beginning, middle or end of day. Spread the 4 hours out throughout the week into more frequent and smaller manageable sessions.

Worth noting that I’m not bashing 4 hours of exercise per week, I mean as a whole; we need more exercise. However, working out 90 minutes a day isn’t going to combat the 9 hours of sitting, working out for 4 hours at the end of the week isn’t going to cure all the inactivity accumulated throughout the week, and 29 apples at the end of month isn’t going to keep the doctor away.

Take home message

Don’t need to “kill” every workout nor have every workout “kill” you. Find simple things to do; walk, play, hike, walk, move. YOU DON”T HAVE TO USE THE GYM TO BE HEALTHY…. “It all works, if you do.”

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