There are many factors that contribute to caloric intake for each person and this isn’t about *insert YOUNG FIT girl* or *insert JACKED Performance Enhancing Drug abuser* diet, so you’re going to do what they do or say.

This is about YOU and how your own PERSONAL Caloric intake may differ and it’s not simply just eat 1,500 kcal or 2,500 kcal in a day.

This is a really good guide originally found this on IG from @jcdeen website

Multiply Current weight by number according to activity level.

Sedentary – 15 mins or less of exercise or you sit at a desk X 12

Lightly Active – 1-2 hours of weights or study steady state cardio a week X 13.5

Moderately Active – 3-5 hours of weight and/or more cardio X 15

Very Active – 6-7 hours of weights and/or even more cardio X 16.5

Extremely Active – 7+ hours of weights and/or cardio per week, twice daily training, and/or physically active job X 17+

So your total caloric may differ from day to day, depending on activity. I’m 140 pounds

Sedentary caloric intake would be 140×12 = 1,680 kcal and Extremely Active x18 would be 2,520kcal

A difference of 840kcal between my sedentary and extremely active caloric requirements. Could sound like a broken record but Kcal requirements will obviously differ for how active you are.

The above guide is general to maintain weight.

Hope this helps and you find this useful as I did.

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