It has been said:

“How you react to an event in life, is far more important than the event itself”

This is something that I truly believe and take to heart. So much of my life has been spent trying to find some semblance of control over the world and people around me. The harder that I have worked to control, the more dismayed I find myself at the fact that it seems so impossible to do.

Climbing that mountain seems so insurmountable to me. It often leaves me broken and withdrawn, feeling a sense of hopelessness and emptiness that I could never properly explain unless the other person has felt the same.

What has given me hope, and helped me to find that balance, is this:

Life will continue to give me situations beyond my control.

That is something I can count on and know with 100% certainty. I can bank on knowing that just when I have everything “under control” something unforeseen will happen.

For this reason I know to EXPECT the UNEXPECTED. I also know that when the unexpected does come I HAVE A CHOICE. My CHOICE is my power. I, and I alone get to decide how I will handle this situation. 

I have also learned to accept and forgive myself for feeling the immediate and often unpredictable emotions that I have come to feel in those situations. Rather than beat myself up when I get sad, or mad or even happy depending on the moment, I simply allow it and understand it is natural. What I do next however is what will matter. 

For all of us out there emotions are ok to have, but what will ultimately define us and our lives is not those emotions, rather what we CHOOSE to do with them that will be the ultimate measure of our lives. I encourage all of you to be at peace with your emotions and learn to accept them as a natural order of life, then learn to choose the actions that come from the emotional events in your lives. I am by no means perfect at it. This is, as it always is just my own suggestions and thoughts on life.

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