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Self Made Training Facility Nutrition App

Every one of our elite coaches has access to the SMTF Training app as well as our Self Made Nutrition app

With these custom apps you have 24/7 access to customized workouts put together by one of our elite coaches specifically tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Each coach manages all of their own online athletes and oversees their programs. With these programs you have step by step exercise instructions and video tutorials so that no matter where you are you can get your workout in under the careful guidance of your coach. The programs including the sets, reps, rest times and detailed instructions are all put together by your coach to better serve you on your path to your ultimate fitness lifestyle. Whether you are working out in a home gym or a big commercial gym they got you covered.

The Self Made nutrition app is put together and overseen by registered dietitians so that your coach can deliver you a safe and effective nutrition program designed around you to get you to your goals as effectively and safely as possible, regardless of your nutritional preference there is something for everyone. Plans range between Paleo, High card, low carb, organic, vegan, vegetarian, glycemic management, body building, performance athletes, lifestyle athletes, competition prep, muscle gain and so much more. Simply inquire with the coach of your choice and ask about getting on the plan thats right for you!

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