Trainer Spotlight Series – Meet Bryce Ward of SMTF San Marcos

April 12, 2024

Personal Training Experience

Personal Training Skills

Bryce Ward – Personal Trainer in San Marcos

Hi my name is Bryce Ward,
A little about me !!

I was born and raised in Northern Kentucky moving to San Marcos with my family. In 2017 I decided to attend Cal State San Marcos, to receive my bachelor of science in Kinesiology, which I recently obtained in 2021. After the first year into the program, I immediately knew personal training was my passion. I am fully dedicated to helping individuals with rehabilitation, wellness, and fitness goals.

My journey in fitness began when I was very young, I have been active my whole life with weight lifting and sports. I started my career very young playing in highly competitive sports such as football and baseball. I played baseball for 10 years in both high school and state select teams. My competitive drive, teamwork, and determination led to my interest in weight lifting and training because it was constantly a part of my lifestyle being coached by some of the top trainers in their field.

Since graduating with my B.S. in Kinesiology from California State San Marcos and NASM certification, I have been training individuals for over 4 years now and have been training myself for 8 years and I have absolutely fell in love with movement and fitness, thus I wanted to share and experience how I can help you with your own goals and aspirations.



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