Trainer Spotlight Series – Meet Hayley Carlton of SMTF Gilbert

April 5, 2024

Personal Training Experience

Personal Training Skills

Hayley Carlton – Certified Personal Trainer

Hi there! I’m Hayley, a passionate fitness trainer dedicated to helping people achieve their goals and develop a deep appreciation for fitness. My journey started with a lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle, including gymnastics and dance in my youth.

In high school, I chose weight training over physical education, sparking my love for lifting weights. Discovering my scoliosis at 15 led me to focus on strengthening my back, laying the foundation for my interest in corrective exercises.

In my thirties, a personal journey of sobriety brought me back to training and proper nutrition. Eager to deepen my knowledge, I pursued formal education in fitness.

After years in a desk job, I realized my true calling was to be a full-time trainer. I love connecting with individuals, witnessing their progress, and sharing in their joy as they improve their physical well-being.

Outside the gym, I enjoy cooking nutritious meals, spending time with my husband and pets, and indulging my passion for travel and backpacking.

In summary, my journey as a fitness trainer is shaped by personal experiences, a love for physical activity, and a commitment to empowering others to live healthier lives.

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