Andrew Hyun

Hello, my name is Andrew Hyun. I am a recent grad of USC majoring in Human Biology and Nutrition and Health Promotion. I have always had a passion for health & fitness as when I was younger I had lost my grandfather to Type 2 Diabetes. After realizing that if my family and I continued towards the same path of poor nutrition, exercise, and health habits that we too, may go too early. From then on, I was on a mission to help not only myself but also my family towards a goal of healthier living and lifestyle habits. That is what sparked my passion for health and fitness as well as helping others. That spark has now manifested into the goal of taking that passion onto the competitive bodybuilding stage. After getting stage experience, I hope to eventually coach and prepare other competitors for the stage as well. I have been studying, working, and even experimenting on myself to gain knowledge in this field in regards to proper nutrition plans, exercise routines, and overall lifestyle factors that help contribute to bringing your dream physique to life. Let me help you achieve your goals, whether that be competing, sports performance, or just simply becoming a healthier person, physically and mentally!

Education and Certificates: B.S Human Biology and Nutrition and Health Promotion

Interest and Achievements: Scuba diving, cooking, music festivals, fishing, or just being outdoors!

Training Specialty: Building Muscle/Losing Fat
Customized & Tailored Meal Plans and Exercise/Cardio Routines
Physical Therapy/Sports Rehabilitation


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