Courtney Skye Miller

Hi my name is Courtney Miller, and I’m an elite trainer here at Self Made Training Facility in Temecula, CA. I specialize in providing college students/young adults with unique solutions to transform their mind and body.

Growing up we moved a lot and I never really felt a true since of belonging. It wasn’t until college that I would discover my true sense of purpose in health and fitness. Fitness allowed me to keep my sanity balancing a hectic school, work, and life schedule. Through my own fitness journey I discovered that not only was I able to transform my body, but it also helped improve my academic performance.

As a college student we are juggling many obligations from school, studying, internships, jobs, families, etc. I provide a science-based approach to provide my clients with the most optimal way to reach their goals whether that’s to build muscle, lose fat, increase strength, etc.
It is my commitment to you to give you the tools like, my personalized nutrition and training app, to be able to reach your goals as efficiently as you can, to give you the energy to perform better in school and in life. As well as providing nutrition solutions that can be implemented on a college friendly budget!

I’m excited to be part of journey! So, if your serious about making a lifestyle change and ready to commit to investing in yourself please contact me at 619-817-6485 or DM me on Instagram @courtneyskyemiller to take advantage of your one FREE welcome workout.

Education and Certificates: National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer

Interest and Achievements: – Traveling
– Hiking
– Photography/ Videography
– Reading

Training Specialty: – Resistance Training
– Corrective Exercise
– Nutrition
– Weight loss


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