Donn Lusung

What’s going on guys, it’s Donn. I was born in the Philippines— came to the state’s when I was five— and grew up in Chicago, IL. Moved around for a little bit where I lived in Alaska for a few years, California, and now found our home here in Las Vegas. Fell in love with the fitness industry my senior year in high school and new I wanted to continue helping others exceed their goals. I am NASM certified but continue to learn from others and pushing to challenge myself by competing in Men’s Physique bodybuilding division. Outside of fitness, I am also a hip hop dancer/ instructor and have been dancing for over 10 years. Let’s train together! Then after, we can hit a 8 count 🙂

Education and Certificates:

* Associates in Arts
* Associates in Applied Science in Criminal Justice

Interest and Achievements:

* Dancing
* Basketball
* Bodybuilding
– Traveling around different states teaching dance workshops to raise money for charities.

Training Specialty:
* Hypertrophy
* Weight Loss


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