Kelsey Robertson

Growing up, I had always stayed active with water polo and swim. Once I graduated high school and stopped playing sports, I realized my body had started to change. My clothes were not fitting the way they used to and I bought clothes that were loose and baggy on me so I could hide the weight I gained. Everyday I felt uncomfortable in my own skin and felt unhappy with myself which led to my depression. In my sophomore year of college I decided to change that and decided to start running. I saw very small changes when I started this and knew that I was still not satisfied so then I decided to get a personal trainer. With her help, I was able to feel comfortable and knowledgeable in the gym as well as lose 30lbs. Throughout my journey, I realized the importance that strength training played not just physically but mentally as well. This whole process made me realize that the food that I was eating before and not working out played a major role in my depression. The confidence I gained from my decision to get healthy was more than I ever expected. Since then, I have been able to push myself mentally by having the confidence to start my own business and continue to get physically stronger. All of these life experiences are what led me to become a personal trainer because I know how much it changed my life for the better. I want to help people reach their goals both mentally and physically, as well as feeling confident and comfortable in a gym.

Education and Certificates: NESTA
Silver Sneakers Certified
Aqua Instructor Certified
BA Cal State San Marcos

Interest and Achievements: completed ½ marathon, tough mudder, and other 5Ks
Disney annual pass holder, longboarding , hiking, and going out with friends

Training Specialty: Weight loss, circuit training, strength training, and rehabilitation


60% Complete
Circuit Training
40% Complete (success)
Strength Training
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