Maritza Olmos

I have been passionate about health, fitness and nutrition since 2009, after 10 years of battling drug addiction. My new found love of working out had really helped me continue to have that outlet, giving me stability in keeping me strong mentally, physically and spiritually. With my new found fitness addiction, I started believing ,” whatever I set my mind to,
I could achieve”. Today at age 46 with two adults daughters and two grandchildren, I’ve never looked and felt better than I have In years. For those who think you’re too old and don’t have the energy…. let me assure you, It’s never too late to find your new found youth.

I am self taught and self motivated. In 2016 made my own home gym and started making workout videos on YouTube. Since I’ve started on my fitness journey, it’s also led me to educate myself in learning about nutrition and Habit based, behavioral change. What we put in our body matters and I can teach you fun and healthy ways to eat what you like. Nothing is impossible with hard work, motivation, discipline with a right mindset… together we can break through barriers and accomplish your goals. I want my clients to feel empowered but also to have that accountability. My saying is “Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result” You got this!

Interest and Achievements: When I’m not at the gym Im usually finding a new mountain to hike and conquer. I also enjoy camping, snorkeling, playing my guitar and spending time with my family, especially my grand babies.

Training Specialty: I specialize in Nutrition, weight loss, strength and endurance


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