Michael Mina

Hi, my name is Mike. As a kid growing up in Chicago, sports and fitness were a way of life. As a competitive athlete, lifting weights and living a healthy lifestyle were a requirement in order to be successful. When my sports career came to an end, I found that bodybuilding filled the void of competition that I was missing. I realized along the way that helping others achieve their goals and watching them transform their lives was the most gratifying feeling. Being directly involved in seeing the progress and hard work of individuals unfold before your very eyes is an incredible experience. With the right guidance and tools necessary, I believe anyone who puts their mind and heart into their personal fitness journey, can and will achieve the results they desire. I have been blessed to be able to compete in competitive bodybuilding, which has taught me a certain level of dedication and discipline that I never understood before. I believe that experiencing my own transformation has allowed me to connect with my clients on a much deeper level. Everyone comes from a different starting point, and no two people have the same journey. I promise to become fully invested in your success, as long as you are willing to give me the same in return. Let’s transform together!

Education and Certificates: Bachelors degree from Cal State Fullerton

Interest and Achievements: Nationally qualified bodybuilder.

Training Specialty:
• Weight loss
• Muscle gain
• Bodybuilding
• Competition prep
• Posing coach


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Weight Loss
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