Nathan Albrand

I have been training clients since 2013. I first fell in love with fitness and weightlifting at the young age of 15. My passion for fitness hasn’t stopped since I picked up a dumbbell all those years ago. In 2017 I started Physique Republic, my own training business where I train clients out of a private gym in Phoenix. I truly love what I do and enjoy helping my clients reach their fitness goals. I would love to share my passion and fitness journey with you!

Education and Certificates: NASM CPT

Interests and Achievements:
-Dogs and more dogs. My wife and I have 4 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats. We also foster for a non-profit dog rescue that saves dogs with severe medical conditions/emergencies.
-Physique Republic, LLC has continued to grow 25% or more every year since opening in 2017.

Training Specialty: Educating clients in a healthy lifestyle. I am a great teacher. I pride myself on being able to relate to each and every one of my clients so that they may take the healthy principles I’ve passed onto them and use them in every day life.


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