Sarah Vandekar

Why did I become a personal trainer?

Let me tell you a bit about myself first so that you can get to know ME first.
My name is Sarah Vandekar and I am originally from NY but just recently moved to sunny San Diego to get away from the below freezing weather. When I am not training, you could find me at concerts, playing drums, skateboarding or anything else fun and adventurous.

Growing up , I was around close family members who struggled with eating disorders and soon found myself falling into the same path. Weighing myself everyday, barely eating, NOT going to the gym, and unhealthy choices led me to get down to 100 pounds by the time I was in my early 20’s.
The day that I decided to change my life and start a new healthy lifestyle was the best day of my life because not only did it change MY life, it also opened up a door for me to help other people. I became a personal trainer after I saw the change in myself both physically and mentally and I vowed that I would do that for other people. Fast forward a few years and I am living my dream of helping other people get healthy and to see their worth. I love my clients and would do anything to help them succeed in their goals.I specialize in:

Weight Loss
Muscle Building
Functional Training
Hitt Training

I offer
in person 1 on 1 Training
Online Training
Online Nutrition plans


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