Sean Valenzuela

My fitness is the only way I’m capable of being the Super dad I need to be chasing around my 3 lil ones. They’re also my main motivation to stay as healthy as possible so I can continue chasing them around for the rest of their lives. I spent my first couple yrs training in “bulking season bro” learning the techniques to add strength and size. My diet wasn’t very clean so I got wayyyy overweight, up to 260 lbs, but eventually lost 70 lbs utilizing smart, healthy eating and switching to a cross training approach. So then, luckily and finally, i figured out how I could work doing something that I’m into, something that I truly care about while being of service to my fellow human. Friends of mine always said I should be a trainer and I wrote it off thinking I just know how to ‘pick things up and put them down’ right. Well then one day, when offering yet another bit of advice to a coworker *Snaps like a light bulb man, I thought: ok, I COULD really help people through my experience, strength, and hope. So now, I can figure the best plan to get you fit, but what you need figure out is: what’s been holding you back? What’s “the thing” keeping you from working for the body you want?! or eating your way to a better, overall healthy lifestyle. To look this good… To feel this good….to BE this good

Education and Certificates: ISSA CPT

Interest and Achievements: Heavy lifting, grinding through giant sets, all outdoor forms of cardio, Harley ridiin, quality tv time with my wife, every moment with my kids

Training Specialty: Cross training, Strength training, Weight loss


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