Shevonne Gutierrez

My name is Shevonne. I am originally from New York City. For 8 years I was a United States Marine. During my last year in the Marine Corps, I gave birth to my son and then started competing in the NPC Bikini bodybuilding division earning my way to Nationals while also being mentored as a personal trainer. Getting my Marines in shape (especially postnatal) became one of my main tasks. After I left the military I became certified and started training from the Self Made Training Facility in Oceanside. I later moved on to training at Crunch Fitness to learn more of the business aspect. I worked my way up to Fitness Manager before deciding to come back home to Self Made to continue running my own business.
I love this lifestyle. It’s amazing to see what we can accomplish when we challenge ourselves. I try to challenge myself mentally and physically everyday. I’m always learning new things and adapting them into my lifestyle. And I’d love to share them with my clients. I spent 8 amazing, intense years in the military before becoming certified as a trainer. I continue my education always keeping myself updated on the latest health and fitness information.

Education and Certificates: Bachelor of Arts in Management
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
DotFIT Certified Practitioner
CPA Certified
NASM Certified Trainer (in progress)
NASM Certified Nutrition (in progress)

Interest and Achievements: NPC NQ Bikini Bodybuilder
Latin and Ballroom Dance

Training Specialty: Weight Loss
Muscle Gain
Postnatal Fitness
Military Prep
Strength and Endurance
Body Shaping


60% Complete
Weight Loss
40% Complete (success)
Muscle Gain
20% Complete (info)
Postnatal Fitness