Stephanie Casados

Hi, my name is Stephane. I am a mommy, certified Zumba instructor, and Personal trainer. I love to dance, find fun ways to burn calories, and build muscle. Participating and competing in jujitsu, as well as spartan races are ways that I test my will, and physical ability. As a woman who has had ten children, and for most of my life been overweight, finding a love of exercise and transforming not just my physical body, but mind as well has changed my life. It takes hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. All of which I know well. Helping others to achieve goals that may feel out of reach is what makes me happy. So whether you are looking to recover from a (or several) pregnancies, lose fat, gain muscle, boost your muscular or cardio vascular endurance, or simply improve your overall health, I’d love to partner with you. Lets set some goals, and crush them!

Interest and Achievements: I am interested in all things fitness. Especially jujitsu, dancing, and spartan races.

Training Specialty: I specialize in Postpartum training


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