Wyatt Wermager

My name is Wyatt Wermager, I recently moved to San Diego from Colorado. I am 20 years old and was born and raised in Colorado. I got really into fitness about 3 years ago, and I played hockey my entire life. Fitness has changed my life not only physically but mentally as well. Of all the areas of life, I feel that physical and mental health are the first two steps to building a true life of success, whatever that may mean to you. Your body, your brain, and identity can only be controlled by you, and no one can take that away from you.

That is why it I feel it is the foundation to who you can really become! I am very interested in figuring out what my true potential is, not only in the gym, but in life. I know that serving people in any way possible is my duty and obligation, my purpose, my responsibility, and I want to serve you in any way possible! I believe that the more you give, the more you can get out of life. That’s why I am so excited that I am a trainer and coach at SMTF, because it gives me an opportunity to serve you, and help you lay the foundation, so you
can live how you want to live to your fullest potential! There is so much that we can learn from each other, therefore we can help each other reach our goals together.
Fitness has helped me learn mental toughness, discipline, work ethic, a positive mindset, as well as a frame work, physically, to live my life to it’s fullest potential, and that is where I want to help others as well. Let’s work together today, so that we can be better tomorrow!

EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATES: NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I have studied fitness and movement for about 2 years. Going to get NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist Certification, as well as NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification very soon! I study a lot of self development material as well, mainly focusing on business and finance.

INTERESTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: I played ice hockey my whole life, getting really competitive only for the last few seasons of my “career”. Competitive hockey tough be a lot of valuable lessons, and I wish I started playing competitively when I was younger. I love all sports, I like to play pick up hockey and basketball (let me know if you want to play!) I love camping, being outside, riding dirt bikes, hiking, frisbee, hacky-sack. I just love moving! I love learning about different cultures around the earth, getting into deep conversations about random stuff, and just expanding my mind in general! I love learning about business, being in business, and helping people along the way! I love to be spontaneous, and live very presently. I love to HAVE FUN in life!

TRAINING SPECIALTY: Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Hypertrophy (Muscle Growth), Power / Explosiveness, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, High Intensity Training, Functional Training, Bodyweight Training, Athletic Performance. I consider all people who move to be an athlete. With that being said, it is up to YOU if you
are going to treat your body like an athlete. What we do to our body MATTERS. What we put in our body MATTERS. I believe it is an important mindset because our body and mind are the only things we truly have control over.


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