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NO MEMBERSHIP GYM OR TRAINING FACILITY! We are bringing value back to Personal Training. No up sales, No ridiculous membership cost or contracts, no stereotypes! We offer it all at an affordable cost so contact any of our @selfmadetrainingfacility Personal Trainers! Where over 90 certified personal trainers work with their clients to get results. Here, you'll experience one-on-one coaching, top-notch machines and the motivation you need to exceed your goals. WE HAVE THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO BE A CHAMPION. Whether training for your next powerlifting event in our Certified USPA Training Center or looking to lose a few extra pounds, Self Made Training Facility sets you up with a personal trainer for success.

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Tue 12 2017
Fri 18 2017


Miguel has personally offered to be my trainer and I can’t wait to hit the weights in this amazing facility. Real Estate and Fitness for life!!!!

I love training clients out of this gym. I have been here exactly one month and its everything I hoped for. All of my clients are enjoying the one on one experience. The equipment is top notch with no lines, pressure to hurry up or judgement from on-lookers. Self made training facility has a real gym atmosphere. My clients are comfortable and happy to be here, so that makes me happy!!!

Monday thru Friday you can find here training with with one of the best trainers around Autumn Aguilar. About a year ago Autumn 1st started training me and I lost 20lbs I was so excited she was always so positive thru my weight lost always there if had a question. After my exciting 20lbs gone she thought I should train for something a little more challenging so she recommended a triathlon I thought she was crazy do to the fact I hated to run and never ever ran I didn’t think I could do it, but with her constant encouragement and daily push I did it and got my medal and finished that race with such accomplishment.

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