Miguel, Marc, Riley & Julie


“President & CEO”

Making things happen despite the odds is a skill few possess – Miguel Aguilar has what it takes. He had all odds stacked against him. At just ten years old, he had a mother who is a drug addict. And then, his father was sentenced to prison for 22 years when he was 16. Consequently, he wound up homeless and living out of his car. He had to battle it out on the streets to survive – he raised himself on the mean streets. Miguel Aguilar was trying to figure out how to make somebody out of himself. There was no smooth sailing – he was roughed up by drug addiction, bankruptcy, and other bog downs before building his business from the ground up.

With all their heuristic skills and self-motivation, falling and getting back up again, Miguel Aguilar worked to build one of the most exciting personal training franchises in the country. His ingenuity created a phenomenon in the fitness industry with Miguel’s revolutionary concept. The deal was not to charge members a monthly membership fee as traditional gyms do. Instead, he managed to understand that perhaps there was an opportunity to cater exclusively to personal trainers. And, he realized that it’s something feasible and now he operates by merely charging those personal trainers a flat monthly fee. This way, they are facilitated to manage their training business out of, build their own business, earn over 6-figures doing so, and keep every dollar they earned in profit margin.Miguel Aguilar was an overweight kid who had life hammering him hard. But, he stuck it out passionately and turned out phenomenal as a self-made, multi-million dollar fitness entrepreneur. Self Made Training Facility is the fruit of Miguel Aguilar’s resilience, hard work, passion, learning, dedication, and mostly his high-degree of self-respect.


“Director of Education”

My name is Marc Rodriguez and I am the Director of Education for Self Made Training Facility. I started with SMTF as an independent contractor personal trainer after retiring from the United States Marine Corps with 21 years of service. I have multiple certifications with NASM and ISSA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing. I am the franchise owner of SMTF Inland San Diego and the CEO of Manifest Fitness Professional Institute. Growing continuously through education and application.


“Marketing Director”

My name is Riley Clayton and I am the Marketing Director for Self Made Training Facility. I started with SMTF in 2018 as a freelance photographer but after two year of working with the HQ team I stepped into the marketing director position. I have five years of experience in marketing and social media and have worked with numerous brands to help scale and reach new audiences. I have a passion for fitness and use that to help further the growth of SMTF through our various social media platforms.


“Executive Assistant”

Julie Mansfield has worked in the executive administrative field for over 10 years. During this time she has found success in working with CEO’s utilizing her strategic knowledge of customer care to manage the complex requirements of the executive staff and their customers. Julie proved her worth working for a Fortune 50 Company where she was responsible for the national roll-out of a corporate workshop marketing system. She implemented a company-wide project management tracking and reporting system that is still used today. In 2010, Julie took a leave from administrative work to shift her focus to the growth of her children. During this time, she served on multiple boards and committees for their school PTA, with a primary focus on fundraising.

Julie lived in the Bay Area with her husband and three children, before relocating to Temecula in 2015. Shortly after, Julie re-entered the workforce to bring her unique skills to a high-end Asset Management Company. She was tasked to ensure a professional and attentive customer service experience for clients, while working as an executive assistant for the company’s top producer. Having a passion for health and wellness, Julie began her own personal journey when she became a certified Yoga Instructor. Wanting to be the best example for her children, Julie has committed herself to a life of health knowing that she is setting an example for her family. She also takes pleasure in watching her children play sports, working out, and sharing healthy recipes for her family and friends to better themselves as well. Now that her children are grown, she is looking forward to continuing her professional development.



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