How to Build From Nothing & Start Over

Wanna know how to build from nothing or to completely start over again? Matt @mattgottesman sits down with Miguel Aguilar (Founder of Self Made Training Facility, Self Made Family Apparel & Self Made Real Estate) and they go all in on making better choices when times are the toughest, owning where you’re at so you...

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Coronavirus Protocol

Dear SMTF Owners, Trainers and Athletes, Like many of you we have become increasingly concerned with how the evolving Corona Virus (COVID-19) situation could affect our community. Please know that the health and well-being of our Owners, athletes and trainers continues to be among our organization’s top priorities. With that in mind we are taking...

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How you react is crucial

It has been said: “How you react to an event in life, is far more important than the event itself” This is something that I truly believe and take to heart. So much of my life has been spent trying to find some semblance of control over the world and people around me. The harder that...

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3 Health Supplements or Foods you’re not taking

By Coach Choi follow him on instagram @coachchoi We may understand that we need protein for our muscles, carbohydrates for energy, fat because bacon is delicious or a multi-vitamin to supplement what our bodies may lack but there may be three health supplements that could help you; feel better, recover better, and perform optimally. Probiotics...

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