SMTF Temecula Welcomes its Newest Personal Trainer to the Family

April 3, 2023

SMTF Temecula Welcomes Allen Perez to the Family

The SMTF Family is thrilled to welcome, Allen Perez, the newest addition to our family. Allen is an NASM Personal Trainer and a Men’s Physique competitor. He is not only an elite personal trainer but also an elite athlete! We are excited to have you as a new trainer and are confident that you will bring great value to our community of fitness enthusiasts. We look forward to seeing the positive impact you will make on your clients and wish you all the best in your new role.

Allen also specializes in working with beginners and those who are new to the fitness environment. If it is your first time working out in the gym, then he is the coach for you! Working with Allen, he will guarantee that you will be able to develop the habits needed to reach your fitness goals no matter what they are.

Find out more about Allen here Certified Personal Trainer

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